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Welcome to ioSafe Nigeria, ioSafe is the technology leader of disaster proof hardware. The ioSafe product line is part of the CDSG family, which is renowned for its role in data security and data transport for governments, military organizations, and businesses worldwide.The patented and proprietary technology provides unparalleled physical security protection against fire, flood and theft.

ioSafe Nigeria  is the sole reseller of the ioSafe  range of products in Nigeria .
owing to our over twenty (20years) years of experience in this field. Thus we are obliged to helping you in meeting every challenge that may arise in the quarry industry, as the industry is a broad ranging and dynamic one. .... more »

Personal Protection


Everyone has data they can’t afford to lose. Consider the countless photos, videos, and personal and professional documents that are irreplaceable in your life.We offer a variety of products to suit many types of customers, each designed with different tasks and applications in mind., ...Read more

Enterprise Protection


Businesses and organizations worldwide rely on our NAS and server devices are because they reliable, robust, and versatile tools. Enterprise customers can’t afford to lose data or entrust it to someone else’s servers outside their control....Read more

Professional Protection


Whatever the specifics, many professionals find themselves in charge of someone else’s valuable data. Should disaster strike, what will you tell your clients? How will get back to business quickly? Protect your data—and your business—with fireproof and waterproof data storage......Read more

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